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Article 1: Definitions

The following terms are defined as follows:

  1. pitches: Camping pitches,
  2. accommodation contract: the contract concluded between the guest and the Administration Communale de Vianden (as Camperpark Vianden) and the written confirmation of reservation.
  3. guest: the party to the contract
  4. fellow travellers: other fellow travellers of the contract participant
  5. other camping guests: other guests and their fellow travellers staying and/or staying at Camperpark Vianden at the same time
  6. entrepreneur: Administration Communale de Vianden as Vianden Castle Camp

Article 2: Agreement

  1. the proprietor offers both short stays for tourist purposes and long stays, but permanent stays are not possible.
  2. as soon as a guest requests a stay and the business owner confirms this in writing, an accommodation agreement is concluded. The written confirmation will be sent to the guest after his/her reservation and before the start of the contract period, always by e-mail. From this point onwards, both the reservation and the accommodation contract are binding. Verbal reservations are not legally binding.
  3. accommodation contracts that are mediated via booking platforms are just as binding as the written confirmation by the business owner.
  4. the guest is obliged to sign both the accommodation contract and the corresponding booking confirmation.
  5. if the guest does not comply with the accommodation agreement and/or the site rules, the proprietor is entitled to demand the full agreed amount and to take appropriate measures.

Article 3: Duration of the accommodation agreement

  1. the duration of the stay is specified in the accommodation agreement. Upon expiry of this agreement, the agreement ends automatically without the need for cancellation.
  2. arrival is possible from 12:00 noon.
  3. upon arrival, the guest must present a valid identity card or passport. A driving licence is not sufficient. If the guest is unable or unwilling to present a valid identity card or passport, the proprietor reserves the right not to accept the guest. In this case, the guest is still obliged to pay the total amount without any right to a refund.
  4. the guest and his companion must leave the premises on the day of departure in accordance with the applicable rules.
  5. on the day of departure, the guest must check out before 11:00 a.m.
  6. if the guest does not check out before 11.00 a.m., an additional night's stay will be charged without the guest being able to use the accommodation or the campsite.

Article 4: Prices

  1. the price of the accommodation contract is determined in accordance with the current price list
  2. the prices are set unilaterally by the entrepreneur and cannot be negotiated.
  3. if changes to the accommodation agreement are required after the prices have been set
  4. the entrepreneur reserves the right to make price changes at any time.

 Article 5: Payment

  1. the guest must pay the amount in euros in accordance with the payment terms set out in the accommodation contract. Vouchers are not accepted as a means of payment.
  2. 100% of the total amount is due upon reservation.
  3. if the entrepreneur does not have the full amount due on the day of arrival, he reserves the right to refuse the guest access.
  4. the guest is obliged to pay the total amount specified in the accommodation contract.
  5. if the total amount or part thereof has not been paid after the guest's stay, a fee will be charged for each reminder in addition to the outstanding amount.

 Article 6: Early departure

in the event of early departure, the full price must be paid in accordance with the amount stated in the accommodation contract.
Article 7: Use by third parties
it is not permitted for third parties to use the services of the entrepreneur.
Article 8: Cancellation

If a booking is cancelled, the following rules apply to the charges: 

  1. if the cancellation is made up to 30 days before the planned day of arrival, no additional costs will be incurred.
  2. in the event of cancellation between 15 and 1 day before arrival, 100% of the total price stated in the accommodation contract must be paid.
  3. if the cancellation is made on the day of arrival, the full agreed price must be paid.
  4. in the event of cancellation, there is no possibility for the guest to receive a refund, vouchers or similar. The entrepreneur recommends taking out travel cancellation insurance. The guest must pay the agreed total price, without the possibility of a refund of the deposit or the total amount.

Article 9: Vacation on the day of departure

On the day of departure in accordance with the accommodation contract, the rented accommodation and/or pitch must be left completely empty, clean and tidy in accordance with the provisions of the campsite regulations. If the guest and any fellow travellers do not leave the accommodation and/or pitch as described in the pitch rules, the proprietor reserves the right to withhold the deposit or charge additional cleaning costs. In addition, the proprietor reserves the right to take further measures, such as taking legal action.
Article 10: Condition of the campsite

  1. the guest and his companion must ensure that the campsite and its surroundings remain in the same condition during their stay as when the contract was concluded.
  2. the following actions are not permitted
    a. Any damage, destruction or alteration of the proprietor's property.
    b. Activities such as digging, cutting or felling trees in the green areas are prohibited.
  3. smoking in public buildings is strictly prohibited by law. Should it nevertheless be established that smoking has taken place in such buildings, the proprietor reserves the right to charge the guest for cleaning costs.
  4. if damage, destruction, alterations or other similar activities are detected, the proprietor reserves the right to charge additional costs or to take appropriate measures, such as taking legal action.

Article 11: Early termination by the entrepreneur

  1. the entrepreneur may terminate the residence contract immediately if:
    a. The guest or fellow travellers do not comply with the rules in the general terms and conditions, the site rules or government regulations.
    b. The behaviour of the guest or their companions towards the proprietor or other guests disturbs the peace or violates the campsite rules.
    c. The use of the accommodation does not correspond to the intended purpose.
  2. the entrepreneur informs the guest verbally of the cancellation. A written declaration is not required.\
  3. after cancellation, the guest and his companion must leave the site within 2 hours.

  Article 12: Liability

  1. the entrepreneur is not responsible for accidents, theft or damage that occurs on the premises.
  2. the entrepreneur is also not responsible for damage caused by weather conditions or other unforeseeable events.
  3. the entrepreneur is not liable for malfunctions of the facilities on site.
  4. the guest and his companion are responsible for damage caused by their own actions or omissions.
  5. in the event of complaints from other campers regarding noise nuisance or similar problems, the proprietor reserves the right to take appropriate measures.

 Article 13: Laws and regulations

It is the responsibility of the proprietor to ensure that the campsite always complies with the environmental and safety requirements laid down by the government at any given time. The guest and his fellow travellers are obliged to comply with all local safety regulations.
Article 14: Compliance with the guarantee

  1. upon receipt of the accommodation contract, the guest and his travelling companions are obliged to comply with the general terms and conditions, the site rules and government regulations.
  2. these rules apply to both individual travellers and groups.

Luxembourg law applies. Printing, presentation and transmission errors reserved.